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Susan Sarandon Recalls Wedding Drama, Including Pregnant Mom And Brother Who ‘Hooked Up’

Actress Susan Sarandon recalled some of the wilder moments from her wedding to ex-husband Chris Sarandon in 1967.

The 76-year-old celebrity discussed the event during an appearance on Chris’ podcast “Cooking by Heart.” 

Susan was 20 at the time and said her parents disapproved of them marrying for a few reasons. “What happened was, we said, ‘Look, I wanna move out, and we’re gonna live together.’ And you definitely couldn’t do that unless you were married at that time, back in the Middle Ages at a Catholic college,” she said.

The Academy Award winner clarified that her parents “loved Chris,” but “suddenly something happened” that made them averse to the nuptials. She said her mom was pregnant at the time.

“I think she was embarrassed,” Susan explained. “She was 44. She didn’t say that, she just said, ‘No, now you can’t get married.’”

The actress asked if having a small wedding would make a difference but her mom allegedly said, “‘No, if I say you can’t get married, you can’t get married.’”

Susan went ahead with the ceremony and recalled how her mom “was in a black raincoat, sitting at the back of the church for like 10 minutes.”

“And none of my siblings could come except my brother that was right under me, who insisted upon coming,” the “Thelma & Louise” the actress added. “And luckily he hooked up with one of the bridesmaids, so it was a very successful trip.”


Susan and Chris divorced in 1979 but still speak fondly of each other.

 “We both have very strong feelings for that part of our lives and how those formative relationships are always important, and you can’t leave them behind totally,” Chris told People. “You have to revisit them sometimes — if not in nostalgia, more in the sense of, yeah, there was love there, and it still exists on a different level. It’s not romantic love, but still there’s love there.”

He also called Susan “an extraordinary human being.” 

“Her evolution as both an actress and as a social activist has been so extraordinarily heartening in many ways to me, because obviously I knew her when, and to see that occur in such a healthy and humanitarian way, humanistic way, is very gratifying,” the “Princess Bride” star continued.

“I knew she was a terrific person when we were together, and she’s still a terrific person. She’s a wonderful person,” he said.

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