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Queer Carribean Fruit – American Thinker

Everyone knows the queer are stunning and brave…and morally and intellectually superior…and a higher plane of existence…and…and… and they’re afraid of people eating fruit, which doesn’t seem all that brave or stunning:  Theatregoers…

Roku Breach Hits 567,000 Users

After months of delays, the US House of Representatives voted on Friday to extend a controversial warrantless wiretap program for two years. Known as Section 702, the program authorizes the US government to collect the communications of…

Should I buy an AR-15?

Should I buy an AR-15? Yes.  Next question? But why? There are many good reasons, including the Mummified Meat Puppet Administration doesn’t want you to have one and they’re willing to lie about it and threaten to bomb, even nuke, you …

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