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Jamaal ‘Fire Alarm’ Bowman Scolds Israel For Daring To Rescue Hostages During The Super

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) scolded Israel — specifically Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — after Israeli forces launched a coordinated strike on Sunday to free two hostages.

The two hostages — two of more than 130 who have been held in Gaza by Hamas terrorists since the October 7th massacre — were rescued in Rafah thanks to the efforts of the Israeli Defense Forces and Shin Bet. Bowman argued that the rescue mission was proof that Netanyahu was unfit to lead.

“While we watched the Super Bowl, Netanyahu launched a wave of attacks and killed innocent civilians in Rafah — a place where many refugees fled for relative safety — despite warnings from Biden. Netanyahu’s government is unfit to lead anything and cannot receive support,” Bowman claimed.

But as Marina Medvin quickly pointed out, even the Reuters article that Bowman himself cited confirmed that the military operations undertaken on Sunday had been carried out specifically in an effort to rescue hostages.

“The ‘innocent civilians’ are literally Hamas dudes holding Jews hostage after kidnapping them from their homes four months ago. And the ‘wave of attacks’ was Israel rescuing their citizens. WTF is this. Did you even read the article you linked? Maybe you think Hamas is going to pay for your legal fees. But the reality is they won’t make it,” Medvin said.

“I’m so sorry hostage rescues and terrorist deaths are happening to you,” Guy Benson responded to Bowman.

“The article Bowman is linking to is describing the operation to save 2 elderly hostages tonight. Something he doesn’t even mention as he condemns the operation. We shouldn’t have members of Congress who support terrorists that murder Americans. Vote him out,” AG Hamilton added.

“While we watched the Super Bowl, the IDF and the Shin Bet launched a rescue operation to save two elderly hostages held for 127 days by the terrorist group who decided to start this war and murder and terrorize civilians,” Kassy Dillon posted.

Tony Katz summed it up: “Elected officials supporting Hamas. It never stops being disgusting.”

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