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David Ignatius notes we’re at the ‘precipice’ of war that ‘no one wants’ but ignores the

David Ignatius, a Biden campaign worker posing as a WaPo journalist, says “no one wants” the war that’s about to kick off in the Middle East; so why do Ignatius and his media cohorts actively campaign for the people who have actively and continuously funded the war and the terrorists, while seeking to destroy President Trump? It was Trump who kept the Middle East relatively peaceful as he financially starved Iran of its ability to sponsor aggression.

From Ignatius’s Friday essay

The Middle East is on the precipice of the wider war no one wants

The Biden administration is using every diplomatic and military tool to contain what officials expect will be an imminent Iranian reprisal attack against Israel — in the hope that U.S. pressure can keep the conflict from escalating into a regionwide catastrophe.

Call it ‘the guns of April.’ Though this is hardly a conflagration on the order of World War I, it’s a moment that eerily evokes the dynamics of summer 1914, when a war that every power sought to avoid suddenly appeared inevitable, with consequences that no one could predict. Officials hope that any exchange between Iran and Israel will be short and contained — and won’t draw in other powers. But they truly don’t know what’s ahead.

Thank goodness the adults are back in the room!

So the brilliant career politician Biden came into office, bringing in seasoned Obama bureaucrats Jake Sullivan and Antony Blinken, and what fantastic policies did we get?

Well, they opened the money spigot for Iran.

Ignatius says that “no one could predict” what would unfold—but by giving tyrants from Iran hundreds of billions of dollars, while they continue to pledge death to America and death to America, it doesn’t seem that unpredictable to me.

What did they think Iran was going to do with the money? Are they so ignorant that they actually believed that Iran would start using the money for humanitarian purposes and to help the suffering Iranian people?

Did the Biden administration think that Iran would use the money to fight “climate change,” or what progressive Democrats consider the greatest existential threat—besides Trump supporters—to the world’s survival?

Was Iran going to use the money to convert from oil to wind and solar?  Were they going to use the money to buy worthless pieces of paper called carbon credits to pretend they care? Are we anxiously hoping that Iran will comply with the worthless Paris Climate Accords?

Were they going to start focusing on DEI and making sure they treat queer people with humanity? Democrats will boycott North Carolina or other states if they don’t let boys into girls’ bathrooms, but somehow dealing with murderous regimes like Iran and China is just fine.

One of the most important things to Democrats today is abortion. So where are the protests in Iran, since the practice is completely banned? Why don’t Biden and Harris lecture them about the millions who are dying because they don’t have reproductive rights? Where is the media on this subject? Why don’t we cut off their funds until they “behave” on LBGTQ and abortion?

Biden, Harris, and others have repeatedly threatened Iran…with many strongly worded letters, telling them how disappointed we are with them, while giving them billions.

Biden, Harris, and others have repeatedly and strongly told them, “Don’t.” This is their sophisticated policy on how to stop Iran from attacking Israel and supporting terrorists.

It is amazing that this is what we get from a Democrat president with fifty years of political experience. It was so much worse and more dangerous when Trump was cutting off funds, keeping oil prices low, and killing a terrorist general. Aren’t we so thankful that we replaced Trump with these career bureaucrats?

I wonder why telling Iran “Don’t” hasn’t worked to bring peace, since they repeat it so often? It seems to work as well as telling people not to come to the border, while the gates are wide open, and since Biden and sanctuary cities told these foreigners they were welcome.

Aren’t we thankful that bureaucrats throughout the government targeted and sought to destroy Trump for four years with lies and endless investigations so we could get someone like Biden, who lined his families pockets with money and spent fifty years mooching off the taxpayers?

Aren’t we thankful that most of the media were so willing to destroy Trump with endless lies like Russian collusion so we wouldn’t have more Abraham accords, lower oil prices, no new wars, and relative peace?

Aren’t we thankful that most of the media were willing to repeatedly spread the Russian collusion lie and bury the truth about the Biden family corruption so we wouldn’t get four more years of peace, prosperity, and low inflation?

And today, these same bureaucrats and people posing as journalists are actively campaigning for four more years of disastrous policies from Biden and telling voters how dangerous Trump is!

The question for voters is why would you trust journalists when they are so willing to lie and when they support anyone with a “D” behind their name no matter how destructive their policies are?

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Image: Sean Naber, CC BY 2.0 DEED, via Flickr, unaltered.

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