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Robert Kennedy Jr.’s stance on late-term abortion could swing the election to Trump

In an unexpected twist in the current election cycle, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent presidential candidate, openly declared his support for late-term abortions. This stance, articulated during a recent interview with podcaster Sage Steele, posits that women should have the autonomy to decide on abortions, “even if it’s full-term.” This radical position could significantly impact the 2024 presidential race, potentially benefiting Donald Trump more than any other single political move.

Political analysts had long debated which candidate would suffer most from Kennedy’s candidacy. Initially labeled a “spoiler,” the focus has shifted dramatically following his controversial declaration. This quantum shift could torpedo Joe Biden’s campaign by alienating his most liberal supporters who might now see Kennedy as a viable alternative. These supporters are increasingly viewing Biden as less dynamic, and Kennedy’s articulate, albeit controversial, position gives them a potent reason to shift their allegiance.

Kennedy, despite a speech handicap, continues to exhibit charisma and populist appeal, which resonates with a broad spectrum of voters. His prominent family name adds an additional layer of attraction, lending credence to his candidacy in the eyes of those seeking a fresh yet familiar alternative.

Moreover, another significant shift is likely among centrist Catholics and other socially conservative but fiscally liberal pro-life voters who were previously anti-Trump. Viewing Kennedy’s stance as excessively liberal on the abortion issue, these voters might hold their noses and vote for Trump.

Nicole Shanahan, Kennedy’s running mate, appears surprised and somewhat at odds with his position. Her response in the same podcast, and later reflections shared on social media, suggest a discrepancy in their campaign’s messaging on this core issue of conscience. Shanahan’s more nuanced view that “every abortion is a tragedy” contrasts starkly with Kennedy’s unyielding stance, introducing potential internal discord that could further influence voter perceptions.

Kennedy’s unequivocal support for late-term abortions is not just a mere policy position; it’s a game-changer in the political landscape of 2024. It has the potential to rearrange voter allegiances dramatically. Personality aside, Donald J. Trump looks downright stable in comparison to this radical declaration by the nephew of the late great President, John F. Kennedy, who by today’s standards, would be a conservative.

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Jerry McGlothlin is co-chairman of Restoring Justice US, and the CEO of Special Guests, a publicity agency founded in 1986.

Image: YouTube video screen grab.

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