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L’Jarius Sneed Jumped Clear Over a Photographer While Defending Deebo Samuel

It’s always dangerous to be one of the several dozen people hanging around an NFL end zone on gameday. The Super Bowl is even more dangerous in this regard since they pack as many photographers as possible around every inch of the field. On any given play you have nearly two dozen extremely large and fast men heading full-tilt into the out-of-bounds area where the civilians are. It has led to many injuries over the years.

But not in this Super Bowl. L’Jarius Sneed did everything he could to ensure that much. The Kansas City Chiefs were defending the San Francisco 49ers in their own end when Brock Purdy threw a pass to Deebo Samuel in the end zone. Sneed was right behind Samuel and both players were at full speed when the pass fell incomplete out of the back of the end zone. Samuel was able to slow down enough to maneuver his way through the line of people waiting for him.

Sneed decided to just jump over them. And the slow-motion replay of it is pretty awesome.

As if we needed another reminder of how ridiculous these athletes are. Sneed is six-foot-1, nearly 200 pounds, and runs a 4.37 40-yard dash time. He’s weighed down by pads and equipment. He still manages to leap clear of another adult. Just insane stuff.

And very fortuitous for the photographer. He didn’t have any choice but to sit there and hope he didn’t get hit too hard. Instead he was the center of a highlight. A very welcome reversal of fortunes.

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