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Shooting of Sayed Faisal: Difference between revisions

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On January 4, 2023, Sayed Faisel, a 20-year-old Bangladeshi American student at the University of Massachusetts Boston, was shot and killed by a Cambridge police officer. Cambridge police had responded to a report alleging that Faisel had jumped out of an apartment window with a knife. They also alleged that after a foot chase, Faisal moved towards officers with a knife, and after a nonlethal sponge round didn’t stop him, they shot him.[1]

The Cambridge Police Department was criticized by counter-protesters for the killing as an alleged act of police brutality, Islamophobia and racism. Counter-protesters and Faisel’s family also called the explanation given by police into question, calling for more transparency and police reformation.[2] The Cambridge police officer who shot Faisel was ruled by a Massachusetts judge on October 5, 2023 that they would not be prosecuted and that the shooting was justified.[3]


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