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‘Deport Him’ Bella & Gigi Hadid’s Dad Roasted For Comparing Israelis to Nazis

In a now deleted Instagram post, Mohamed Hadid, father of supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid, posted an infographic comparing and equating Nazis to the Israeli government amid the ongoing war. 

No, you didn’t read that incorrectly. Mr. Hadid, who is from Palestine, legit compared those in Israel, the land of the Jews, to Nazis, the group that hated the Jews. So if you think this makes no sense, you’re understanding perfectly. 

According to a screenshot shared by Page Six, Hadid shared the following graphic: 

Page Six indicated that Hadid wrote, “Both [Nazis and Israel] added and labeled the victims as Terrorists.. regardless of their peacefulness of other activities . Some Palestinians and some Jews even changed their names.”

Hadid also posted an image about the war and captioned it “Cease fire now,” according to Breitbart.

In response to Hadid’s anti-semitism, social media users blasted him.

On Twitter/X one user said, “Deport him” while another added “Disgusting.  Jews are the ones attacked.  Attacked by Socialists (Nazi and Communist) in Russia, Germany,  and the Holy Land.  They have zero intent to commit genocide, Hamas openly brags about eliminating the Jews.   Every single person supporting the Hamas agenda is vile and the true representation on Nazis.” One wrote, “Quite the mound of human trash that family is” which leads us to the next point. 

Mr. Hadid isn’t the first in the family to receive backlash after supporting what happened in Israel. His daughter, 28-year-old Gigi insisted that she had “hopes and dreams for Palestinians” and that “There is nothing Jewish about the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians.” What about Hamas’ desired genocide of the Jewish people Gigi? What about that?

The Israeli government condemned Gigi’s post saying, “Condemning Hamas for what it is (ISIS) is not anti-Palestine and supporting Israelis in their right against barbaric terrorists is the right thing to do.” Also insisting that “There is nothing valiant about Hamas’ massacre of Israelis.” The government-ran Instagram page went on to scold Gigi asking, if she’s “fine with turning a blind eye to Jewish babies being butchered in their homes?”

Ultimately, the Hadid’s need to realize two things. For one, you’re in the public eye. Anything and everything you say and do can and probably will be held against you. For two, not insisting that the genocide of innocent Israeli lives is anything but an act of terrorism is dehumanizing, disgusting and morally evil. 

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