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Fawning Over ‘Fierce’ Fani Willis as ‘Sparks Fly’

As a Georgia judge held a hearing that may disqualify Fulton County DA Fani Willis from her prosecution of Donald Trump for election interference, many journalists hailed her testimony as “fiery,” “fierce,” and “defiant” and described this hearing as a “detour” from the Trump scandals. Managing Editor Curtis Houck explains how the TV networks played it (or downplayed it).

The positive descriptions happened across the networks, but ABC emerged as the most fervent Fani Willis cheerleaders. On both Thursday night and Friday morning, they presented piles of “fierce” Fani soundbites like she paid them to promote her.

The legal experts were split: MSNBC said it’s no problem, and CNN said it was a “train wreck.” But the only opinion that matters is the judge in this case, and whether he decides to disqualify Willis for her misbehavior, the behavior she promised voters she wouldn’t engage in, sleeping with her employees. 

The Friday newspapers put it on the front page, but put Fani in the driver’s seat.

New York Times: “Sparks Fly as D.A. in Georgia Is Grilled on Her Relationship.”

Wall Street Journal: “Defiant Trump Prosecutor Gives Rebuttal Over Office Romance.”

Washington Post: “Georgia prosecutor accuses defense of lying in testimony.”

We also discuss Tucker Carlson’s controversial videos touting Moscow’s subway and supermarkets as superior to the United States. And we discuss NPR media reporter David Folkenflik leading a panel of network reporters and anchors to worry out loud about Donald Trump’s campaign in 2024 and his possible re-election.

Enjoy the podcast below or be square. 


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