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Has a corporate media recalibration begun?

I saw a handful of stories from corporate media stalwarts this weekend that I must confess took me completely by surprise. Let me begin by citing realclearpolitics.com as the aggregator that brought these stories to my attention.  If…

Pop Music Is Mad. Social Media Loves It

Not everyone is buying it. Despite the study’s findings, “I don’t believe hip-hop lyrics are more angry,” says Dame Aubrey, head of A&R for CMG Records and Management, a music label that represents rappers Moneybagg Yo, BlocBoy JB,…

How Social Media Turned Into a Shopping Mall

Michael Calore: I'm going to go watch a bunch of shorts and see what I get served and I'll report back.Lauren Goode: Hims and Hers?Michael Calore: Yeah, Hims and Hers.Lauren Goode: All right, let's take another quick break and then we're…

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