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When it comes to Biden worship, Mark Hamill outdoes the media

Many on the left, including countless media organizations, keep trying to put lipstick on a pig and tell us it is Cindy Crawford. Yes, even today, some are characterizing President Biden as competent or even above average.

And then there is The New Republic. Proclaiming Biden to be a “great” president, as The New Republic recently did, is akin to saying Pete Buttigieg is a “great” Secretary of Transportation…as trains keep derailing, plane parts fall from the sky, and ports are closed due to errant container ships and bridge collapses. But, keep in mind, The New Republic is to journalism what White Castle is to haute cuisine. (We certainly are becoming a “New Republic,” in the sense that the peerless old one has been “fundamentally transformed.”)

Even more preposterously, an article in The National Interest was titled, “Joe Biden: The Best U.S. President Ever? Well History Says…” [Sic.] Granted, the piece ends up bestowing that title on Abraham Lincoln, but even posing that question is a gross breach of journalistic integrity.

Then there were a series of recent articles touting the fact that “historians” have ranked Biden 14th of the 46 presidents…and Donald Trump dead last. This is crazy and immediately renders those historians’ judgements moot. Null and void. Biden doesn’t even know he is president much of the time, as evidenced by numerous statements he’s made since he took office.

Calling Biden a great president is like calling Milli Vanilli a “great” rock group/pop duo. It is like calling the 2024 Chicago White Sox a great baseball team or the Ford Edsel a great automobile. It is akin to calling Bud Light a great beer, Tiny Tim a great vocalist, or Hunter Biden a great artist.

It is like calling a man who says he is a woman…a woman.

It is a lie. A preposterous one at that.

And, channeling my inner “Mr. T,” I pity the fool who believes it.

Most preposterously of all, according to the obviously deranged partisan hack Mark Hamill, “Joe Biden is the best president we’ve ever had.” And, Hamill opines, Donald Trump is the “worst.” Biden, a desiccated husk on a good day, better than Abraham Lincoln? Has Biden won a war? Freed anybody? Is he capable of delivering an equivalent to the Gettysburg Address? Is he capable of stating his own address?

How about George Washington? How does Biden compare to the Father of Our Country? Washington eventually defeated the greatest military the world had ever known…without a navy…or an established professional army. He could have been a king but refused. And, as the first Chief Executive, he set precedents for every president that followed. Biden effectively surrendered to the Taliban. Biden thinks he is royalty or should be. Let’s pray to God that future presidents don’t follow his precedents.

Then there is Thomas Jefferson, who signed off on the Louisiana Purchase, saw to the defeat of the Barbary pirates, and famously declared, “I have sworn on the altar of God, eternal hostility to all forms of tyranny over the minds of man.” By contrast, Biden was purchased by China, is himself often defeated by stairs, and has repeatedly declared eternal hostility to all forms of Republicans, MAGA types, patriots, and traditional Christians. Note the difference?

Reagan? The Great Communicator slashed unemployment, inflation, and interest rates. And put an end to malaise. His re-election campaign slogan was, “It’s morning in America.” Biden’s should be, “We’re mourning in America.”

As for Trump being the worst? Far from it. Think Carter, Obama, Wilson, LBJ, and, of course, the Desiccated Husk himself, Joseph Robinette Biden. Among others.

Image: YouTube screen grab (cropped).

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