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Another useless Biden action – American Thinker

Joe Biden has finally issued sanctions against Iran. That’s the good news.

“And today, we are holding Iran accountable — imposing new sanctions and export controls (of drones and steel) on Iran.”

The bad news is that his action is completely inconsequential.

Why did Biden impose sanctions on Iran’s exporting of drones and steel? Did he do this so he and the Democrats could have a talking point? The result is more a laughingstock point because Americans are not stupid. They see his true intent and laugh at him.

Drones and steel exports indeed. Biden couldn’t have picked two more insignificant items to sanction. But sanction oil exports? Both Republicans and Democrats have asked him to consider sanctioning Iran’s oil exports in response to Tehran’s support of Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip. Do that? Noooo. Sanctions on oil exports could mean higher U.S. gasoline prices caused by reduced global supply. That could hurt his chances of being reelected in November.

Biden’s reason for selecting the items? He says the sanctions “target leaders and entities connected to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Iran’s Defense Ministry, and the Iranian government’s missile and drone program that enabled this brazen assault.” But he gave no explanation of how sanctioning exports of the items will reduce Iran’s ability to conduct future ‘brazen assaults.’

Image: www.Live-Karikaturen.ch

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