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Purifying Jewelry for Positive Vibes and Spiritual Protection

There are a lot of different ways modern humans weave magic into their daily lives, we might not be conscious of it but the jewellery we wear can act like talismans or lucky charms that protect us and absorb energy everywhere we go. Have you ever lost a ring or a crystal? Well, it is believed that if you lose a piece of jewellery it is actually protecting you from harm, and this is something I definitely believe in. The power of jewellery goes beyond its physical beauty; it carries with it an invisible energy that can protect us from harm, but this also means that it is so important to cleanse and purify these pieces so that we don’t carry around the negative energies they might have absorbed. Here are some helpful tools and techniques about energetic cleansing to purify your jewellery.

What Is Energetic Cleansing?

Energetic cleansing is a spiritual or metaphysical practice aimed at clearing negative energy from an object or a space and restoring a sense of balance and positive energy. It’s based on the belief that objects, like jewellery, can absorb and hold onto the energies from their surroundings, which can be both positive and negative. The purpose of energetic cleansing is to remove any negative, stagnant, or unwanted energies to allow for a renewal of positive vibrations.

With jewellery, energetic cleansing is thought to help ensure that the pieces you wear continue to bring positive benefits, such as good luck, protection, or emotional well-being, rather than potentially carrying negative energies that could affect you in various ways.

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How To Cleanse Your Jewellery? – The Best Methods To Use

There are several effective methods for energetically cleansing and purifying your jewellery. Some commonly recommended methods include:


Smudging is a traditional practice used by various indigenous cultures, particularly among Native Americans and other First Nations people, for purification and cleansing purposes. It involves burning specific herbs and using the resulting smoke to cleanse a person, place, object, or even an energetic space. The smoke is believed to attach itself to negative energies and as the smoke clears, it takes these energies with it, leaving the area or item cleansed and filled with positive energy.

The most common herb used for smudging is white sage, but other herbs and materials can also be used, each with its own specific properties and benefits. Here are a few alternatives you can use:

  • Cedar: for purification and to attract good spirits.
  • Sweetgrass: to bring in positive energies after negative energies have been banished.
  • Lavender: for calming, peace, and for a restful sleep.
  • Palo Santo: is a type of wood that comes from South America and is known for its strong cleansing properties.

Here’s a basic guide on how to smudge an item, like jewellery:

  • Light the Smudging Material: Ignite the tip of the sage bundle or herb with a lighter or a match. Once it’s lit, gently blow out the flame to allow the herbs to smoulder and smoke.
  • Set an Intention: It can be helpful to state a specific intention or say a prayer for what you want to clear out or bring into the space during the smudging ritual.
  • Circulate the Smoke: Pass your jewellery through the smoke, allowing the smoke to envelop the item. Some people use a feather or their hand to waft the smoke over and around the object.
  • Ventilation: Ensure that the room is well-ventilated; open windows or doors to allow an exit for the smoke and the energies it is believed to carry.
  • Extinguish Safely: Once you have finished smudging, it’s important to extinguish the smudge stick safely. You can do this by pressing the burning tip firmly into an abalone shell, a fireproof container filled with sand, or by running it underwater to ensure that the embers are no longer burning.


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Saltwater Bath

Another method for cleansing and purifying jewellery is by giving them a saltwater bath. Saltwater baths are a common practice for purifying and cleansing jewellery. And if you have had a particularly tough and ungrounding way yourself, taking a saltwater bath will have the same energetically cleansing effect on your body as well. Here is how to prepare a saltwater bath for your jewellery:

  • Preparation: Combine salt (sea salt is often preferred) with water in a bowl. The ratio doesn’t need to be precise, but the water should be salty enough to replicate the sea, which is often considered a natural purifier.
  • Immersing Jewellery: Place your jewellery in the saltwater solution. Make sure the items are fully submerged. Some metals or stones may be sensitive to salt and water, so it’s important to know whether your jewellery can withstand this cleansing method without damage.
  • Rinse and Dry: After the cleansing time has passed, remove your jewellery from the saltwater, rinse it under fresh water, and dry it thoroughly to prevent any potential water damage or…

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