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Dem-Darling Judge Let Black Woman Walk Who Was Accused of Attack on Asian Musician

Apparently in New York City, committing random acts of crime is perfectly okay, even if it’s your ninth time doing so.

Judge Marva Brown decided to release 23-year-old Amira Hunter after the New Yorker was accused of randomly assaulting a man in the subway playing his cello, according to the New York Post.

Hunter had been previously arrested eight different times for a variety of charges, most recently getting hit with second-degree assault for allegedly striking the musician.

The young woman was put on supervised release with no bail despite prosecutors arguing for either a $15,000 cash bail or a $45,000 bond.

She has previously failed to appear for three of her five court dates for her other criminal charges, creating a strong likelihood she may not be showing up for the newest one.


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The accused woman also had a bench warrant for her arrest because of two separate cases related to petit larceny.

The whole case makes little sense as Judge Brown is a civil judge, raising questions as to why she was presiding over a case in Manhattan Criminal Court. No answer has been provided so far.

Would there be less crime if fewer Democrats were in office?

Surprising nobody, Brown also has connections to other liberal voices within the city. Brown campaigned as a self-described “zealous advocate, compassionate advisor, respected negotiator and skilled litigator.”

When running for the position, she was endorsed by liberal names such as State Assemblyman Brian Cunningham, Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso and the entire Brooklyn Democratic Party, according to the Post.

Before ascending to her current role, she served for nearly two decades as a public defender.

The new judge worked at one point for Legal Aid in Nassau County, a nonprofit that provides resources to incarcerated or recently freed individuals and their families, perhaps explaining some of her leniency.

She was confronted about her decision to release Hunter without a bond on Friday where she avoided the question from journalists.


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An Office of Court Administration spokesman did not explain the bail decision either when reached, stating that the office “[doesn’t] comment on bail decisions except to say that in New York, Judges have discretion in making bail decisions in accordance with the law and based on an assessment of a defendant’s risk of flight.”

Clearly, that doesn’t mean the judges shouldn’t make good decisions, as Hunter has previously shown that she has a notable risk of flight with her shaky court attendance record.

But what can be expected of New York City, a place infamous for its catch-and-release policy of criminals?

Earlier in February, the head of the NYPD’s Lieutenants Benevolent Association, Lou Turco, lamented about liberal policies preventing police from properly enforcing the law within the city, according to Fox News.

Two cops were recently assaulted by a group of migrants in the city before being released, much to the chagrin of the department.

“Unfortunately, we’re not surprised that they skipped town and that’s the thing that’s so disheartening because they gave no bail to people who have no community ties whatsoever to New York,” Turco said.

The officer specifically talked about migrants facing little punishment but noted that it can apply to everyone within the city.

“How many more times do they have to be arrested? Does somebody have to be hospitalized or killed?” Turco asked. “These are crime waves.”

But of course, while those in charge continue to push for little punishment against criminals, these results are expected.

Hunter and the group of migrants may have caught the attention of the media, but neither is likely to face any serious punishment for their crimes.

Until liberal Democrats realize that soft-on-crime policies hurt more people than they help, the city will continue to see incidents just like this one.

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