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At CPAC, Trump Decries Democrat Border Policies: ‘Want to Destroy Our Country or They’re

by Charlotte Hazard


Former President Donald Trump used his speech Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Convention to assail Democrat border policies amid growing dissatisfaction with illegal immigration, suggesting the policies were part of an effort to destroy America.

“Either they want to destroy our country or they’re stupid,” Trump 

told a raucous crowd at a suburban Washington hotel. “And I don’t think they’re stupid because anybody that can cheat on elections like they do is not stupid.”

Trump made his comments just hours after it was revealed that a Venezuelan man accused of killing a Georgia university student had illegally crossed into the country in 2022 and was given parole by the Biden administration a year later.

Trump said some of the illegal immigrants crossing the southern border are prisoners who make U.S. criminals look “very nice” by comparison.

“The only good thing is, they make our prisoners and our gang members seem look like very nice people by comparison,” he said. “All of the sudden we’re starting to like our prisoners and our horrible, violent criminals because they’re nicer than the people that are flowing in.”

The Homeland Security Department revealed last month that the backlog of tracking and vetting illegal aliens inside the U.S. has nearly doubled under Biden to over six million while arrests of suspected terrorists and violent offenders have also exploded.

“They’re [illegal migrants] coming from Asia. They’re coming from the Middle East. They’re coming from all over the world,” Trump said.

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Charlotte Hazard is a 2022 Liberty University alumni who graduated with a major in journalism and a minor in government.
Photo “Donald Trump at CPAC” by The Independent.





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