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The worst ‘what if’ – American Thinker

Imagine three highly improbable future events.  Consider also the physical evidence that they might occur.

  • What if incontrovertible proof were to be presented that world food supplies are being systematically sabotaged in order to create strategic shortages?
  • What if a flying spacecraft, undeniably “not of this earth,” were to crash in a place as publicly observable as, for example, Times Square?

Of course, there is, as of yet, little or no irrefutable evidence that either of these two could possibly occur.  This brings us to a third:

Plausible evidence is accumulating that there were not only irregularities in the 2020 presidential election, but that they were enough to change the outcome nationwide.  No, we may not yet have reached the level of incontrovertible proof, but there is a growing body of evidence that, given its significance, is worthy of further investigation.

The question is, what would happen if, as in the case of UFO sightings, the official response were to be transformed from “you must be crazy” to “here is the verifiable physical evidence, according to the U.S. government.”

A great many people already believe, whether rationally or not, that UFOs are real visitors from extraterrestrial civilizations.  If the government were to tell us that, yes, there are alien spacecraft in our skies, it would still be a shocking development.  We would be forced to ask, what are we going to do about it?  We would be more demanding of action of some kind.

It is also the case that a great many of us have believed that the 2020 election was stolen — believed it ever since the early hours of November 3, 2020, when, after President Trump was far ahead in the counting of votes, additional votes were then tabulated that handed the election to Joe Biden instead.  We will not be surprised to get undeniable confirmation that large numbers of mail-in ballots were altered, or outright fabricated, with the intent and result of stealing the election.

What, then, would we do about it?  We would demand action, immediate and forceful.  We would not docilely hand over our country to those who stole our votes.

To a certainty, there would be such a constitutional crisis that our nation would be plunged into disarray.  The legality of every official action of the Biden administration would be challenged.  Every executive order since noon of January 20, 2021 would be deemed unauthorized.  Every appointment to positions of power would be subject to immediate reversal.  Former president Trump would no longer be “former,” since it would be the essence of logic to declare him the current president.  What would happen were he to, figuratively or literally, show up at the White House gate, demanding entrance to the Oval Office?

As you can readily see, the chaos would be not only immense, but actually dangerous to our existence as a constitutional republic.

For one thing, no matter how incontrovertible might be the proof that Biden was never legally elected, there would be a very large and powerful contingent of government officials who would deny everything.  They likely would refuse to leave office, and they control the enforcement arms of government.  Joe Biden himself could declare a national emergency, and martial law would be put in place.  The U.S. Supreme Court would have little or no practical effect on the situation, even if it desired to assert its authority.  It simply could be ignored.

Would the proverbial cooler heads prevail?  Would there be calm, sober discussions at the highest levels?  Would the national good dominate all official action?  Would there be any semblance of an orderly transition, of repairing the damage?

Or is that a fantasy more hopeless than that of an open admission of decisive voter fraud?

The next act in this (seemingly) fanciful fiction would be for twenty-six (or more) state governments to openly defy the illegitimate federal government.  For officials in such an unduly elected government, this would be their worst nightmare.  Matters would cascade.  Undoubtedly, foreign adversaries would move to take advantage, especially communist China and Russia, along with their lesser (but very dangerous) allies, including North Korea and Iran.  A major world war could ensue — and, given the irrational behavior of extremist dictators, could quickly go nuclear.

Could all these unimaginable events really happen?  All because American leftists were willing to do anything, at any cost, to seize power?

Are these events even worth thinking about?  Before this year is over, we may wish we had.

Image: Michael Theis via Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0.

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