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When Are the In-Season Tournament Quarterfinals?

The NBA‘s In-Season Tournament is in its first year, which means that no one really knows the rules or format by heart. But that’s okay as there’s some genuine curiosity whenever those interesting courts appear on-screen and intensity gets ratcheted up the closer we get to the knockout rounds. Once group play concludes on Tuesday, November 28, we’ll have the eight teams to fill out a quarterfinals and really get down to business.

Have you made plans to get together with all of your friends and family to share in the excitement of the NBA’s In-Season Tournament? If not, what are you waiting for and why would you pass on such an experience?

The quarterfinals will be played Dec. 4 and 5 at the higher-seeded team’s home arena, and the semifinals and championship game will be Dec. 7 and 9 in Las Vegas, Nevada. TNT will have the round of eight matchups and will split the semifinals with ESPN. ABC will broadcast the title matchup.

See? All very straightforward. It’s been a bit difficult to follow it all with the entire league alive but we’re almost to the point where it will resemble a format we’re all familiar with and can appreciate. The competitive juices are going to start flowing freely and we’ll get some high-level, high-stakes hoops over the next two weeks and when it’s all said and done, Adam Silver will have a success story to tell.

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