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Suzanne Harp may be just the congresswoman Texas needs

Texas needs more good leaders, and Suzanne Harp, a sixth-generation Texan on her mother’s side, emerges as a compelling figure, vying for a seat in the United States Congress for Texas’s 3rd District, which is encompasses suburbs north and northeast of Dallas, including the cities of McKinney and Allen.

Her father, an immigrant from Athens, Greece, taught her to appreciate her country and yet be mindful of government overreach.  Thus, Harp’s unique perspective, strong Christian values, and commitment to challenging the status quo position her as a Washington outsider with the potential to bring about positive change.

Image: By permission from Suzanne Harp

Today, she is a vice president with a leading mergers and acquisitions investment bank, building win-win relationships and alliances within the professional communities of CPAs, wealth advisors, attorneys, financial services people, and consultants.

However, Harp says her most significant accomplishment is raising and home-schooling her four children in Judeo-Christian values with her husband, Bill. They cultivated a relationship with the Lord by studying God’s Word alongside the great philosophers to develop a Biblical world view, a deep understanding of the Constitution, and the blessings of being an American.

It is good that she has decided to run for Congress. She could be the one that’s going to provide Texas’ 3rd Congressional district with the missing leadership and give it the much-needed voice to fight for religious liberties, election integrity, and border security, as well as counter human trafficking, runaway spending, and unconstitutional mandates.

In an interesting turn of events, Harp played a significant role in exposing a scandal involving another Republican candidate, Van Taylor, who had been caught in 2022 having an affair with an American-born widow of an Islamic State recruiter and dropped out of his race. She had been accused of using her position to reveal her rival’s affair though it certainly seemed to be in the public interest to know. 

Harp’s policy priorities reflect her values and commitment to the American people. She is for preserving religious liberties, thus ensuring that individuals can practice their faith without government interference. Her various campaign speeches can be observed to emphasize the importance of election integrity in that she supports measures such as cleaning up voter rolls, implementing voter ID, and conducting audits to maintain public trust in the electoral process.

On the issue of border security, Harp proposes common-sense reforms to restore peace and security at the border, addressing illegal immigration. She is also keen on upholding the Second Amendment, underlying the fact that she stands firm in defending the right of Texans to keep and bear arms, resisting any attempts to infringe upon these rights.

In the realm of social issues, Harp advocates for pro-life policies, emphasizing the protection of the unborn and opposing laws that infringe upon these rights, including late-term abortion laws.

In an issue that’s popular in energy powerhouse Texas, she calls for renegotiating the Keystone XL pipeline, highlighting the need to bring back jobs and money and rebuild America.

While Harp’s campaign materials don’t explicitly outline strategies to combat runaway spending and unconstitutional mandates, her general stance as a candidate suggests supporting spending cuts in non-essential areas, advocating for constitutional limits on government power, promoting transparency and accountability, and encouraging public participation.

Suzanne Harp’s candidacy represents a fresh voice that blends business acumen with a commitment to constitutional principles.

As Texas contemplates its representation in Congress, Harp offers a unique perspective and a promise of unwavering dedication to the values that have defined her journey from a sixth-generation Texan to a candidate for national office.

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