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The Devastating Story Behind Take Care of Maya

What did the Kowalski family accuse the hospital of doing to Maya?

“Maya Kowalski was falsely imprisoned and battered,” attorney Greg Anderson argued in his opening statement when the family’s lawsuit went to trial in September, per NBC News. “She was denied communication with the outside. She was told that her mother was crazy. She was told by social workers, one in particular, that she would be her mother.”

CRPS caused Maya to be susceptible to injury or pain from even slight touch, the lawyer said in court, and nurses and social workers “repeatedly battered” her while “trying to prove that she did not have CRPS.”

In his closing statement earlier this month, Anderson charged that the hospital vilified Beata because she dared question their expertise, adding, “What was the purpose of all this other than arrogance and the belief they could get away with it?”

And throughout the three months Maya was in the hospital’s care, their lawsuit alleged, she wasn’t receiving treatment for her actual condition.

“It was hard for me to be without my parents,” Maya testified in her deposition, “and it was hard to put all of this trust into people I didn’t even know.” She said she remained in “constant pain” in the hospital, adding, “I was never listened to. I was basically ignored.”

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