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Chakras and sports balacing energy

With the New York Marathon right around the corner on November 5th and over 50,000 runners and professional athletes participating, we’re witnessing the usual hype and enthusiasm around this yearly iconic event. But it’s 2023. Energy work is trendier than ever. And when combined with physical exercise… the results achieved can be astonishing.

In this article, we’ll be breaking down how to properly do energy work, in conjunction with your sports routine. Are you an athlete or someone who understands the necessary energetic components of physical exercise? Well, keep reading, who knows what might click for you.


What Are Chakras And How Do They Function?

Well, technically chakras are energy itself. Or energy-gathering centers within our physical, biological body. Yes. Chakras aren’t just an abstract concept in the ethers. They can be traced and pinpointed based on the neurological clusters you have in your body. Aka, wherever there is a mass gathering of neurons, that is a primary chakra of yours.

Because you see, the very definition of energy is information floating in space/time that cannot be seen with your physical eyes. Whether that’s thoughts, feelings, or an intention itself. It is all energy. Energy is the primordial source that makes things go. And it doesn’t always come from the productivity of matter, even though it may seem like so. Energy comes from a rather unseen source, it is information flowing within and throughout you. But you see, this information has to flow through a physical component, it can’t just exist in nothingness.

This is where your neurons come in. The neurons are the holders of your energy. Talking to one another, they send electromagnetic signals from organ to organ, communicating and organizing your cellular structure, without you even noticing it. But what if you do, what if you do become aware of those subtle mechanisms, taking place within you?

According to Hindu tradition, there are 7 main chakra points traced along the vertical central line of the human body. Pituitary gland, pineal gland, throat, heart, diaphragm, stomach, and genitals. These are fine to start with.

However, we will argue here, that our DNA, the human cellular structure, has been greatly involved since this spiritual system was coined a couple of thousand years ago, and we will be siding here with the points presented by Ra Uru Hu, founder of the Human Design system who claimed that since the discovery of Pluto in 1930, the human DNA evolved and became more spiritual, more intuitive and therefore developed 9 primary energy centers or chakras, thus making us more psychic, more connected, and more at ease with life.

He introduced the spleen and the thyroid as 2 extra centers, with their primary functions being a counterbalancing aspect to the logical, survival brain of the human vessel.

But those details aren’t for right now. First one must understand why it is important to work with his or her energy field and of course, how to do this, in a practical, consistent manner… like a pro athlete would.

Why Should I Work With My Energy Field And Chakras?

The answer is simple.

To level up.

All energy, or life force energy if you like (chi), always enters through our creation organs. Our genitals. Sexual energy is creative energy. The energy you use to procreate is the energy you use to run a marathon or write an article. It is all the same. It is all One.

This fundamental concept is unknown to most people. It is why we live in a culture of sexual hedonism, where the genitals aren’t even seen as an organ of procreation, but of pleasure and pure enjoyment. And they are. But not only.

If you’re unable to move the energy from your genitals to other parts of your body, you’ll have no choice but to eventually release it through ejaculation/orgasm. You can only hold so much sexual energy at the base of your spine.

You can use your conscious will, your willpower, to circulate it throughout your body and strengthen other areas, other organs, that need healing or enhancing.

The doorway for energy is through your sexual organs.

Once energy enters there, it may be moved, with your Willpower, to other organs of your body that require healing and strengthening.

And the best part? There is no ceiling to this. No limit. There’s unlimited energy to collect and transmute inside of you. It’s all a question of:

How much can you take?

How strong can you get?

The denser you become, the more you’ll attract.

The energy field is like a magnet. The strongest magnet will pull all lesser magnets to it. Kinda how in a pack of lions, every lion will gather around its king. Well, this isn’t only in the animal kingdom or within the world of magnets, this is a universal law of harmony.

Energies always move towards the densest, strongest source.

The densest energy body will outpower the opponent in combat or win the so-called energy dance, if you like.

The most energetically dense runner,…

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