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Windy city gone with the wind

Back in the late 1960s our family lived in Wisconsin and drove down to Chicago many times every year to shop at a Cuban store.  It turns out that there was a fellow Cuban who opened a store and imported stuff from Miami for people like…

A New York City travel warning for Jews

It is time for Jews to avoid visiting or traveling to the City of New York if they aren’t from the area. Do not visit -- and those who must should do so with absolute caution. Jews in NYC are scared and intimidated and do not feel safe.…

City Trees Save Lives | WIRED

“We are able to quantify how outcomes would have been different in real events,” says de Guzman. “I know that projections are for a higher number of extreme heat days in each of these communities.”In other words: The time to act is now.…

A tale of the city and the country

In Charles Dickens’s classic story A Tale of Two Cities, the differences between revolutionary Paris and a much more stable London are not so subtly compared.  The political and cultural scene in America today reflects more of a “Tale of…

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