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What Is Morally Justifiable? | CDN

There Is no such thing as “morally justifiable” except in the minds of Liberals. If we continue to let the Left enjoy a majority rule, we will continue to see our rights and privileges erode and have no one to blame but the face in the mirror. If you need proof that the electorate is ignorant of reality, you must look to Pennsylvania in 2022 and New Jersey in 2024. The voters elected two representatives who were dead. Pennsylvania Rep. Tony DeLuca was re-elected in the midterm elections even though he died a month before the election, and Rep. Donald Payne Jr. won his New Jersey primary more than a month after he died.

The reason I am detailing a lack of judgment on the Left is it is these folks who are deciding your rights they should restrict. We already see how they have gone after our cars, implementing unrealistic mandates when we will all be driving EVs regardless of the infrastructure not prepared or the demand in place. These folks are after our gas stoves, air conditioners, hot water heaters, washers/dryers, and dishwashers. The alternatives they recommend are, at best, inefficient and, at worst, use more energy than the item they replace.

The Left is forcing the population from the suburbs back into the city, making it too expensive to commute from a bedroom community to the metropolitan area to work. Their purpose is to make it easier to control the population when they have brought it closer together. They also see the suburbs as public land for solar and wind farms. Rather than addressing our failing existing power grid, they want to turn the countryside into a “Green” power grid. Can you picture the Rocky Mountains or Grand Canyon covered in solar panels and the skyline a massive row of windmills? That is what the Left calls beautiful, but it will not matter as we will not be able to afford to visit our natural wonders, or our travel will be prohibited.

The Greenies have targeted 2030 as the point in time when they will begin to restrict our air travel. Your right to free movement is being curtailed by the Left’s hypothesis that we are killing the planet and that America alone can fix the problem. These are the same people who said the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation and that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide. Voluntary air travel will no longer exist, and flying will be restricted to only morally justifiable trips. Just as government censorship should never exist, nobody in public service at any level could, or should, determine what is morally justifiable for anyone but themselves.

Our freedoms are derived from God and guaranteed by our Constitution. Unless you are successful in transforming America into a grass-fed socialist country, then you go where you want to, and I will choose where and when to go my way. And another thing: I’ll drive my combustion engine vehicle to the airport.

In closing, what is morally justifiable? Is it aborting a fetus up to the moment of birth? Is it allowing 30 million illegal migrants to enter our country? Is it subjecting our children to transgender counseling and treatment? Is it using your Justice Department to target your political opponents? The Left has many issues to clean up before they can preach the high ground to the world.

Content syndicated from Conservative View from New Hampshire with permission

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