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The Best Tattoo For Your Zodiac Sign in 2024

This style of article is everywhere, and even at AskAstrology, it’s been done before. But the topic is endless and so creative, I love it! Fish for Pisces, a scale for Libra, that’s not for me! I want tattoos that are beautiful, symbolic, and truly represent the zodiac signs. So, what’s the best tattoo for your zodiac sign? And what are the best places to get them tattooed?


Aries – Fiery elements

For Aries, I dare to suggest a tattoo of flames. It’s not over the top, far from it, especially with new tattoo artists emerging all over the globe. Here, I’m talking about flames with fine lines, with blurred red colors, like a beautiful sun. You have a fiery personality, and you deserve to engrave it on your skin.

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Preferred body part: Upper back, symbolizing strength and initiative.


Taurus – Floral design

For Taurus, an earth sign, I recommend a tattoo related to nature and flora. But not just any! Indeed, your tattoo should represent the depth of your zodiac sign. I’m thinking of a blazing tree, very large, or even a pine forest, or a floral design. With this tattoo, you will highlight your love for the beauty of the world and its stability.

Preferred body part: Neck or shoulder, areas that highlight sensuality and stability.

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Gemini – Word and Mirror

For you, Gemini, I couldn’t make a choice. You have so much character that I think of two tattoos! The first would be a phrase of your choice. You could write a quote, a joke, anything as long as it evokes your spirit of communication. The most important thing is its handwritten and fine font. On the other hand, you could also get a mirror tattooed, a symbol of your dual nature.

Preferred body part: Arms or wrists, to express your communicative and social nature.


Cancer – Moon

Cancers, you are a water sign, an element said to be governed by the Moon. A beautiful tribute to this celestial body would be to tattoo it on your skin. You can choose to represent a simple crescent moon or opt for its various phases. It’s up to you depending on the cycle you are in.

Preferred body part: Chest or ribs, close to the heart to signify emotional depth.

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Leo – Crown

Leos, as we often tell you, you need to be the center of attention! And we give it to you. So, to show everyone that you belong to the caste of Lions, I propose today the perfect tattoo for your zodiac sign: the crown. Besides being the symbol of your royal spirit, it can represent your other face. Indeed, you can depict it in a cartoon style, linear, colored, large, small, depending on your character. A tattoo befitting your royal image!

Preferred body part: Upper arm or chest, prominent places that suit your dominant presence.


Virgo – Mandala

Yes, Virgos, I know, I know, you are perfect (am I overdoing it? sorry). More seriously, the tattoo for your zodiac sign needs to be precise, meticulous, detailed, perfect (like you!). I see a beautiful and fine mandala on your skin, more or less decorated and perfectly symmetrical.

Preferred body part: Abdomen or lower back, subtle areas that align with your modesty.


Libra – Heart

You are the lovers of the zodiac, deep down, I know it. So, I’m not going to be original: to underline the harmony and love that you bring to every relationship, get a heart tattooed! I’m not talking about the sailor’s heart with your mom’s name in it (although you’re allowed). No, I’m talking about a simple, pure, classic heart, a symbol of your love for love.

Preferred body part: Lower back or wrists, balancing aesthetics with charm.


Scorpio – Deep-sea creature

You are mysterious, Scorpio, so play your role to the fullest! I see very few of this style of tattoo, but it would be perfect for your zodiac sign. Kraken, whale, octopus, diver, Leviathan, all deep-sea creatures match your intense and mysterious character. The little extra: water is your element.

Preferred body part: Chest or pelvic area, intimate places that resonate with your intense energy.


Sagittarius – Compass

Sagittarians, the adventurers of the zodiac! Telling you to get a tattoo of a bow and arrows would be too easy, so I chose another option. Indeed, to reflect your free and adventurous nature, choose a compass, a sextant (do you know the difference?). The only downside is that it won’t really show the north…

Preferred body part: Thighs or calves, reflecting your adventurous spirit.


Capricorn – Mountain

To pay tribute to your unmatched respect for traditions and the desire to do well, I propose you get a tattoo of… a mountain! Yes, nothing is more immutable and eternal than a mountain. Nothing is more ambitious than its ascent, and you have that in your blood! And soon on your skin! A beautiful tattoo for this earth element zodiac sign!

Preferred body part: Shoulders or back, denoting resilience and ambition.


Aquarius – Electric…

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