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Make America great, and competitive, again

Americans are continually told that current inflation is a little over 3% and inflation since Biden took office is only up around 20%. That is delusional.

Crude oil is up roughly 100% since Biden took office—in January 2021 it was around $40 a barrel, today it was $77 per barrel—and crude oil is used in over 6,000 products. Gasoline is up around 50%. Utility costs, food costs, insurance costs, and day care costs are way up. In fact, the cost of everything has increased. Ordinary Americans are being decimated.

Yet, Joe Biden blames corporate greed for the inflation which is pure B.S. These businesses somehow weren’t greedy while President Trump was in office, when inflation stayed below 2% and when real wages were rising rapidly? Give me a break.

I mean just take a look at this chart below:

First, Joe blamed his “great economy” for increasing demand; he also blamed the “supply chain” and “Russia.” If you haven’t noticed, Russia is the Democrats’ favorite scapegoat.

It is Biden and his administration that have caused the problems though. Everything for them is to make the greedy government bigger. They want more spending, more regulation, and higher taxes.

Here is an article that finally hits the nail on the head as to what is the biggest contributor to inflation here and around the world—it’s Biden’s goal to destroy the oil, coal, and natural gas industry:

It’s fuel. It’s transportation of food through this country. We have the most complex food-distribution network in the world. Our food travels further than any other nation’s food,’ [Jaco] Booyens explains.

‘When you stop drilling, baby, and you don’t produce fuel, and you deplete your resources, everything goes up.’

Biden’s energy policies sent the message to OPEC and traders that at some point the U.S. will not be a major competitor, and prices immediately spiked. The high prices also allow Iran and Russia to fund wars and terrorism.

So, if people want to lower inflation and increase purchasing power, they need to make the price of energy reasonable. And there is not one piece of scientific data that shows a direct relationship between temperature and our consumption of oil. In 1860, the world used around zero crude oil barrels; today it is around 100 million barrels per day. Yet for those 165 years, temperatures have increased and decreased. That shows zero correlation. When there is zero correlation, there is zero evidence of causation.

Stop the intentional destruction of industries that have greatly improved our quality and length of life! Elect Trump and make America great and competitive again!

The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Image: Public domain.

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