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America the disgusting – American Thinker

The concept of America was and is beautiful. It was conceived in liberty, wanting all people to be free, and so it happened after slavery was abolished. America was meant to be a thoroughly different place on the globe where the poor could become wealthy, the sick could be healed, the lonely could find compatriots from their own land. It was a place to grow individually and financially, a place to nurture a family, a place to get an education, and a place free from evil dictators, kings, and tyrants. But it has become ugly.

Now we have new tyrants, we’re not getting educated, we’re not growing our personal fortunes due to Bidenflation, we’re not engaging in forming traditional nuclear families much anymore, and we’re not even having many babies.  We have certainly lost the notion of the “gentleman” or “lady.” We have long ago lost the idea that “children should be seen and not heard.” That is a shame. Children are not developed people with much to offer the country until they are civilized and educated. Until they are, they should not have an international platform on which to spread their venom, their bad habits, their Marxist ideas, their silliness, and their hubris. Not to mention their utterly horrific narcissism.

America has become a land where the DEI-incompetent flourish and get nourished by other incompetents. We have become a nation of the garish, where otherwise attractive news anchors tart themselves up in drag queen eye and lip makeup, and where TV commercials unappetizingly serve up bottoms, armpits, and “packs” as they hawk full-body deodorant for men and women. It’s disgusting.

We no longer get educated because the DEI and feminist cabals are serving up rancid race-conscious courses that teach nothing but resentment and bad manners. Students, from kindergarten on are taking these courses and they exit college with no livable skills, but plenty of hate for the wealthy, the white, and the traditional. We have at least two generations of uneducated brats with no social skills and no practical skills. But they are skilled in making demands and crying for safe spaces. Some are in the highest places in our government. It’s as ugly as it gets.

A casual watching of the long-running “Judge Judy” TV show shows plaintiff after plaintiff and defendant after defendant who are milking the public teat for our tax dollars. And they are not the least bit embarrassed about it. To her credit, Judge Judy Sheindlin, in a not-so-subtle way, loses no opportunity to point this out to her audience.

In America today, there is a shortage of good manners, politeness, consideration, and a work ethic. Two generations were taught they need not work, apply themselves in school, or restrain their tempers. And the schools not only went along with the parents’ shortcomings, but took them a step further and encouraged such miscreant behavior, taking it to the extreme of actually promoting sex changes. That is ugly to the bone.

America the beautiful has become America the disgusting. I long for the days of please and thank you, of “here, let me help you,” of quiet, well-brought-up children who did not believe they are entitled to say anything they think and dress like satanists, piercing their faces, and exercising their voices at decibel levels designed to shatter a supersonic aircraft windshield.

I still love the idea of America. So does Donald Trump and his followers. Maybe that’s enough to win her back and Make America Beautiful Again.

Image: National Archives

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