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Jason Kelce Finally Cleaned His Garage

Jason Kelce has retired from football and is set to join ESPN ahead of the 2024 season, but there’s so much more going on in his life. We know this because Kelce is now a legitimate celebrity. He’s co-hosts a podcast with Taylor Swift‘s boyfriend, which has launched him and everyone in his orbit into a whole new stratosphere of notoriety. The latest proof of that is this story in PEOPLE about he recently cleaned his garage.

Sorry, transformed his garage.

Jason and Kylie Kelce Transformed Their Garage According to PEOPLE.

Jason and Kylie Kelce Transformed Their Garage According to PEOPLE. /

When you or I clean out our garage – and we really should! – it’s not news, but when Jason and Kylie Kelce do it, it’s worth a write-up in a major publication. Not to mention a sponsorship opportunity.

Jason and Kylie teamed up with The Container Store to help them organize their belongings and get rid of the clutter their brood has accumulated over the years.

Woah, woah, woah! This might just be sponcon? Turns out the Kelce’s organized oasis is prominently featured on The Container Store website. This isn’t even organic like when an ad read on the Kelce brothers’ podcast turned into news ahead of Valentine’s Day?

Honestly, the Kelces are living the dream right now. If they want a home improvement of any kind they can simply “team up” with anyone they want, let them do all the work, take a few pictures and talk about how awesome everything has turned out. Like they did with their daughters’ playroom earlier this year.

Don’t get me wrong, if someone wants to team up and redo my kitchen, I will not hesitate to tell the world how great it looks on a website that is updated no fewer than three times a month. The point being that the Kelce’s aren’t the only people with a lot going on right now. Sometimes a big name – like Taylor Swift for instance – comes into your life and everything changes. You’d be a fool not to take advantage of all that comes with being associated with that brand.

Having said that, much like a container, not everything fits all the time. Sometimes you see something interesting, but it might not fit in a new bin so you throw it in an old bin that you’ve had for a decade or so that still works and holds lots of random stuff. (Are you following this metaphor?)

Anyway, can you belive how many bird feeders the Kelces have? I don’t have AH bird feeder, let alone enough bird feeders to necessitate a labeled bin. But then again, who knows what we’ll find if we turn our family landfill into an organized oasis.

And what is going on here? A single Super Bowl ring does not require a bin that large. Even Tom Brady wouldn’t need that much storage for rings. And it doesn’t even look like there’s anything in there! They must have made that label as a goof!

I’m also 99% certain here’s a Yeti ad coming in our near future, unless they just have love hydration so much that they need water bottle overflow parking in the garage. If we find out the answer, we’ll let you know. Promise.

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