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Your Breakup Style According to Your Zodiac Sign

Just like having a Dating and Romance style, your Zodiac sign can tell what your Breakup style is, too. Are you someone who draws it out, or can’t let go? Or do you prefer to be straight up and have it over and done with? Are you a ‘Ghoster’, or are you the type that likes to stay friends?  

We’re all different, and knowing how we break up with someone is just as important as knowing how we love and show affection. Whether or not break up is on your mind, Astrology can go a long way to helping us ease some of the dread that we all feel when we know someone’s not right for us.  

And of course, it always helps to also know what our partner’s Breakup style is, so that we can find some closure or understand – on some level – why they are the way that they are. So, read on to explore your Breakup style according to your Zodiac sign: 

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Aries Breakup Style: Boldly Moving On

One of the best qualities of your sign is that you always try to be as honest and open as possible even if it hurts. If you like someone, they will know it without a doubt, because you’ll be running after them in hot pursuit. And if you don’t like them, you’ll completely cool down, and soon after that, a breakup usually follows. You’d rather call it quits as soon as you know your feelings have died than drag it out forever. Sure, you’ll have your doubts, because you are quite a loyal partner, especially in a serious, long-term relationship. You’ll fight for the relationship until you know for sure that it’s truly over.   

Taurus Breakup Style: Slow to Let Go

Being a fixed earth sign, you can be in a relationship for a thousand years before you admit that it’s over. The truth is, you hold on for far too long because the prospect of change seems so overwhelming. You’d rather the Devil you know, than the Devil you don’t. Thus, your breakup style is slow and arduous, painfully drawn out. Sometimes, you’ll even fall in love with someone else before you initiate a breakup, just to avoid the pain of feeling alone. Plus, you hate drama, so breakups are really just not your thing. Your lesson is to know when you need to walk away and to value yourself more.  

Gemini’s Post-Breakup Journey: Switching Gears Swiftly

Your sign has a bit of a reputation for being fickle, as you know. However, this isn’t the whole truth. If you’re with someone who you find stimulating, and if they’re quite loyal and committed, you’ll happily stick around for quite a long time. The biggest issue for you is when a relationship becomes boring and routine, at which time you could get very restless. When it does come time to break up, you may draw out the drama for too long by overanalyzing things and having multiple, unnecessary conversations. Decision-making isn’t easy for you, so your breakup style tends to be unpredictable at best.   

Cancer’s Heartbreak Approach: Deep Emotions, Gentle Farewell

Your Astrological symbol is the crab – and have you ever seen a crab hold onto something with those strong pincers? You don’t let go easily, and may even get quite defensive if you sense the threat of breakup. The problem is, you hold too much onto the past and onto the memories that you made together. Your sentimentality can be your downfall, as well as your sense of duty to the one you love, or used to love. Your Breakup style tends to be extremely emotional, and it’s never easy to walk away. But when you do, you tend to hold that person in your heart forever, and can even sometimes be good friends.  

Leo Breakup Style: Drama Meets Dignity

Being a proud sign, you tend to feel rejection very deeply. Breakups are not something you embrace in any way, as it hurts your ego so much. You also tend to be one of the most loyal zodiac signs you can get, and it takes a lot for you to finally admit that the relationship is over. Often, you hold it together for the sake of the kids, saying to yourself that things will get better. It’s important to walk away before your self-esteem is completely shattered, because you deserve so much better. You have a huge heart and so much love to give.  

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Virgo’s Breakup Style: Analyzing Every Step

You’ll analyze and stress your head off before you initiate a breakup. You may even need to visit your therapist to process everything before you can approach your partner with a clear mind. However, once you do have that clarity, you are able to do what’s best for everyone. It won’t be easy for you, being a security-orientated earth sign, and you’ll do your absolute best to ‘fix’ the relationship, fix your ex, fix yourself. But sometimes, certain things can’t be fixed and you just have to let go. You can’t patch up a sinking ship, which is the hardest lesson for you to learn. Occasionally, you can have messy breakups that go from deep love into deep hate.  

Libra’s Post-Breakup World: Seeking…

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