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Just look at what the leftist media aren’t covering

The media, many Democrats, and some Republicans, like Romney and Murkowski, are having a cow that some Republicans are showing up at the political prosecution of Trump in New York, where there was no crime.  It is too bad that the Republicans didn’t show up at the N.Y. fraud case, where there was no fraud. 

Here is what Dana Milbank decided was a good opinion piece for Saturday. 

Somehow, we never saw opinion pieces like that when Democrats, like pigs going to slaughter, stood in line to falsely claim that Biden never was involved in the Biden family kickbacks, no matter how much evidence they saw that he was the big guy who took Hunter around the World on government jets taking kickbacks. 

The following are other opinion pieces from Saturday.  They essentially are Democrat talking points as they interfere in the elections. 

J.D. Vance wasn’t just some hillbilly after all

By Matt Bai

Harrison Butker doesn’t only kick footballs

By Kathleen Parker

Trump’s promises to oil executives ought to be illegal

By Jennifer Rubin

Trump promises tax cuts and fewer rules. CEOs shouldn’t fall for it.

By the Editorial Board

Shouldn’t they report these contributions to the Federal Election Commission or be taken to court for interfering in the election?

It appears that the WaPo, along with most media outlets, catch and kill, or downplay, stories that would be negative to Biden as they focus on destroying Trump, as they have for over eight years. 

Here are a few current examples:

How about Merrick Garland refusing to release the audio tape of Biden with Hur?  The public has seen the transcript, so any excuse not to release the tape is purely political. 

Why haven’t we seen huge stories in the media that the NIH deputy director admitted that Fauci lied under oath?  Are the media burying the story since they participated in spreading so many lies, including falsely claiming that the Wuhan lab as the source of COVID was a disproven conspiracy?

The media should be ashamed that they pretended that Fauci’s pronouncements were based on science, but they don’t seem to be. 

Why hasn’t Garland charged Fauci with perjury?  The answer is clearly that Democrats are allowed to lie with impunity. 

Maybe the media should report that the Biden administration doesn’t care whom it destroys as it micromanages the economy with massive regulations. 

Or they could report why the public can’t stand Biden’s economic policies instead of proclaiming that the public just doesn’t understand how successful Biden’s policies have been. 

According to an incredibly shocking new studymost Americans do not make enough money to “live comfortably” in the highly inflationary environment that we find ourselves in today. …

A recent study has revealed the incomes needed for families to live comfortably across the United States — and the stark contrast in the cost of living between states is startling.

The study revealed that in the most expensive states, families need nearly $300,000 to simply live ‘comfortably.’

The least expensive state requires about half that salary — still over $100,000.

Meanwhile, the average annual salary in the US is $59,428, or $28.34 per hour, as of May 2024.

The study determined that Massachusetts is the most expensive state.

It takes a whopping $301,184 a year for a family of four to “live comfortably” there.

The least expensive state is Mississippi.

In the Magnolia State, it only takes $177,798 a year for a family of four “to cover their expenses and maintain a satisfactory quality of life”.

And this should be a huge story: that Jack Smith’s team mishandled classified documents and lied to the courts.  Somehow, most of the media don’t care about how corrupt the justice system is as long as the target is Trump. 

The media are a much bigger threat to a fair election than A.I., Russia, or China.  They gladly spread misinformation every day to target politicians whose policies they don’t like, and they bury negative truthful stories of people they do like. 

On a side note: It is a joke when people from Hollywood and the media pretend they don’t know who Diddy Combs is.  They also pretended that they didn’t know about Epstein, or Weinstein, or how corrupt Joe and his family have been.  They have known about the corruption for years. 

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