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Watchdog group launches investigation into President Trump for meeting with oil company

President Trump’s policy for four years was to support oil companies and low energy prices. That is still his policy. And it will be Trump’s policy whether or not oil company executives  donate to him.

Biden’s policies are to destroy the oil companies.

So what would be the problem with Trump meeting with oil company executives and requesting political donations? Here’s this, from The Guardian viaYahoo News:

Top US ethics watchdog investigating Trump over dinner with oil bosses

A powerful watchdog group that has been at the forefront of efforts to hold Donald Trump accountable for constitutional violations is investigating whether his Mar-a-Lago meeting with oil company executives last month merits legal action.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (Crew) has told the Guardian that it is investigating the dinner at Trump’s club with more than 20 oil and gas company executives. Trump asked them for a $1bn presidential campaign contribution, while at the same time vowing to undo Joe Biden’s restrictions on natural gas export permits, oil drilling and car pollution, the Washington Post reported.

Calling CREW a top ethics watchdog group is intentionally misleading the public. They are a leftist group. It is like calling George Soros a philanthropist.

Have you seen a headline reporting that CREW was investigating Joe Biden, or any other Democrat meeting with their political supporters for ethics violations?

What about all the times they’ve met with green pusher executives, taken their money, and given them billions in taxpayer dollars in return?

Would it be a problem if Biden met with car company executives and promised to use the government to force people and industries to convert to electric vehicles

How about having lunch with Planned Parenthood supporters, and giving them hundreds of millions in taxpayer money every year?

How about meeting with teachers unions and using the government to keep schools closed? The Democrats received huge donations from these unions, and in return they get massive amounts of taxpayer funding and government favors.

What about getting donations from lawyers and never supporting tort reform?

What about getting massive support from Google, Microsoft, Apple, Meta, Netflix and others and giving them Net Neutrality?

Or federalizing student loans, and then dictatorially paying them off for support from academia and college kids?

Or requiring adherence to racist prevailing wage laws and receiving huge donations from Democrats?

And, as you can see, there’s a major difference between what Trump did, and what Democrats like Biden (and Obama before him) do—Trump solicited donations while iterating his intentions to get government out of the market where it doesn’t belong, and let business survive or fail on its own merit; Biden uses the government, and taxpayer dollars to reward chosen industries and allies for lining his personal pocket. These are two totally different things.

CREW is purely a leftist organization that targets politicians it doesn’t like. They don’t really care about ethics, just pushing a leftist agenda. From Wikipedia:

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) watchdog organization devoted to U.S. government ethics and accountability.[2][3][4] Founded in 2003 as a counterweight to conservative government watchdog groups such as Judicial Watch, CREW works to expose ethics violations and corruption by government officials and institutions and to reduce the role of money in politics.

Here are some of the organizations that have allegedly funded CREW:

  • The Foundation to Promote Open Society (controlled by liberal billionaire financier George Soros and his family): $740,000 since 2010

  • The Open Society Institute (another foundation controlled by Soros): $150,000 in 2010

  • The Bohemian Foundation (controlled by Colorado Democratic donor Pat Stryker and her political operatives): $850,000 since 2010

  • Gill Foundation (private foundation of Colorado Democratic mega-donor Tim Gill): $608,615 since 2010

  • Dyson Foundation (family foundation of the late Charles Dyson, an FDR Administration official, leveraged-buyout titan, and longtime board member of liberal group Common Cause): $500,000 since 2011

  • Steven M. Silberstein Foundation (run by Steven Silberstein, a Democracy Alliance financier and member of the board of advisers for U.C. Berkeley’s public policy school who made his money in the software industry): $500,000 since 2010

  • Marisla Foundation (environmentalist foundation run by J. Paul Getty oil fortune heiress Anne Getty Earheart): $425,000

  • Leland Fikes Foundation (controlled by Lee Fikes, Texas oilman and major donor to Democrats and abortion-rights causes): $200,000

  • Daniel and Janet Mordecai Foundation (foundation controlled by major Colorado Democratic Party donor Janet Mordecai): $100,000

There is nothing ethical about CREW!



Image: Free image, Pixabay license.

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