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King Charles III’s official portrait has a distinctly Satanic vibe

Yesterday, King Charles III of England unveiled his official portrait. The unveiling was a deeply disturbing experience because—no fooling—there’s a distinctly Satanic vibe to the whole thing, including a hidden Baphomet. There’s nothing royal and everything creepy about the image showing the King’s grim face atop his red uniform, with the whole emerging from a hellish red background. Charles’s forebearers are rolling in their graves.

The color red has been a cultural theme lately, and not in a good way. Satanism and blood are big now among the crazy leftists who dominate pop culture:

(As an aside, I remember when Ireland was a Catholic country, but that’s another post entirely.)

An obsession with blood generally characterizes the “artistic” side of the Democrat fever swamp. Just look at performance artist Marina Abramović’s popularity with the “in crowd.” Her “art” includes something called “spirit cooking,” which involved pig’s blood, among other things.

Knowing about the pop culture’s blood and Satanic obsessions, it’s hard to look objectively at King Charles’s official portrait:

Many among the Twitterati went straight to “Oh, my God, is that Satan hidden in there?”

If you’re not seeing it, this might help:

Hey, Baphomet! Is that you? Now I’m going to spend days wondering whether the artist intended that face to appear, whether it’s an amusing coincidence, or whether there’s something more…well…Satanic at work here. One way or another, this is a really bad look for the man who is the official head of the Church of England.

In addition to the Satanic issue, most people instantly recognized this as a really lousy work of art, spawning a lot of memes. Here are some of the best:

As for me, all I could think of is that Henry VIII and England’s other defiantly Christian monarchs weep:

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