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Harvard’s pro-Hamas campout packs up and goes home

After creating a tremendous stink at Harvard University, the pro-Hamas protestors camping out at Harvard University have decided to pack up and go home.

According to the Daily Mail:

Harvard’s pro-Palestine protesters have announced they’re ending the campus encampment after three week as their demands were ignored.

The group leading the protests, Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine, said on Tuesday they had voted to end the encampment on Harvard Yard in Cambridge, Massachusetts

‘The encampment has outlived the last day of classes, finals week, and move out weekend: a testament to the tenacity of our movement,’ the group said.

Oh, what jackasses.

They’re praising themselves as ‘tenacious’ and even declaring ‘victory’ after their disruption of the college’s operations, when in reality, they’re like the guest who wouldn’t leave the party.

Now that the cameras are off, the lights are out, and the other students have gone home for the summer, they suddenly realize they no longer have an audience. Nobody’s watching them, nobody cares. All they did was wreck graduation for the kids who did study instead of party, depriving them of their well-earned time on stage taking their diplomas for their families’ cameras.

As for the protestors, what did they achieve? Their demands certainly weren’t met. They don’t have any of the divestment from Israeli assets and other garbage they were demanding of the university as they created their smelly, loud, antisemitic mess, they just have memories of one big Jew-hating house party on the Harvard lawn where the custodians turned the sprinklers on them one night and they got their butts wet trying to sit on those sprinklers with buckets.

Way to spend your Harvard year, doofuses.

But their little egos were hurt:

‘Campus is cleared out and the gates remain shut to the outside world. There is no liberation in isolation. In reassessing the strategic value of our encampment, we have come to the conclusion that this tactic has outlasted its utility with respect to our demands.’

No liberation in isolation?

I thought this was about the love of the Palestinian children.

So what they’re upset about is not having a captive audience for their antisemitic spewings. They love having an audience, obviously. Now they don’t.

That’s yet another butthurt.

But Harvard continued to go all out to coddle them in their exercise in self-aggrandisement. The Mail reported that they quickly reinstated the students who were suspended based on this illegal campout, and then declared that they would continue to “dialogue” with the protestors, which even the protestors have doubts will amount to anything.

It just goes to show that these campus protests were dead ends, wastes of time, and nasty in their threats to Jewish students as well as the normal operations of the university. They succeeded in disrupting graduation. I hope they put that on their resumes, brag to potential employers considering them for jobs about it, and tell of that grand fete they accomplished to all their grandchildren.

Image: Screen shot from CBS Boston video, via YouTube


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