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Former DEA Official Warns China is Bringing Its Own Pesticides into U.S. and has Moved

A former Drug Enforcement Administration official warned about the dangers of China on Monday, claiming the foreign country is bringing its own pesticides into the United States, and that it has expanded past the fentanyl, to a new opioid called “nitazenes.”

Former DEA Special Operations Director Derek Maltz Sr. highlighted how strategic China is when it comes to attacking other countries, and claimed that the opioid crisis facing the U.S. is largely because of China and its connections with Mexican drug cartels that sneak drugs across the U.S. border.

Maltz also claimed that China is using marijuana to hurt the U.S. by trying to convince Americans to move the drug to a lower stage of classification, categorizing it as less hazardous.

“You always have to remember … China [wants] to destabilize and destroy America under the disguise of drug addiction,” Maltz said on the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show. “They know they can get away with it with marijuana, because people are not paying attention to this.”

The former federal agent said another new concern from China is its use of Chinese pesticides on American crops.

“I work closely with many agencies around the country, [and] the Chinese are now using Chinese pesticides. … Chinese pesticides imported from China to spray on their crops,” Maltz said. “Isn’t that a concern? What’s the long term effects of Chinese pesticides? We’re concerned about our own pesticides, on vegetables in plants in America.”

Maltz also responded to a new report from the DEA that found fentanyl is becoming even more lethal in the U.S., and said China is using harder drugs than fentanyl, called “nitazenes,” which the DEA says has never been approved for medicinal use.

“Right now the Chinese have moved on to a more deadly attack with the nitazenes … Which we’re buying that stuff all over America from the Chinese websites,” Maltz said. “So basically, they’re beyond fentanyl, and it’s more deadly drugs.”

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Misty Severi is a reporter for Just the News.
Photo “Derek Maltz Sr.” by Congress.gov. Background Photo “Cannabis Plant” by Jeff W.

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