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First Impression Zodiac Signs Vs. When You Get To Know Them 

How you come off to others at first and how you indeed are different things. Your first impression is not your true personality, and most people want to be on their best behavior when they meet a new friend, a potential new client, or on their first few dates.  

And the way you show yourself to others is indicated by your Ascendant or rising sign. Your sun sign can still play some role in how you make a first impression. So let’s now go over your zodiac sign when you give off your first impression vs. when someone gets to know you better.  

Aries – Comes Off As Positive  

Aries, your rising sign will play a significant role in how you come off when you meet someone. However, your sun sign will influence you somewhat. Therefore, you will appear upbeat when someone first meets you. You will appear that way even if you are not having a good day.  

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That also means that others will not see your impatient side, as well as your angry side. And if your rising sign happens to be in Aries and you have another sun sign, you will also come off as optimistic, which is why it is easier to make friends with this rising sign.  

Taurus – Comes Off As Someone Reliable 

Taurus, you make a first impression of being reliable and dependable. Therefore, you give off the energy immediately that if you say you will do something, you will follow through. And that could be why so many people want you to organize events or be in charge of something professionally.  

They know you will be the one to take care of what needs to be done. And once others get to know you, you will stay reliable, but they will see your inflexible side too. If your rising sign is Taurus, regardless of your sun sign, you may give off that dependable trait too, but that will look differently if you do not have an earth or water sun sign.  

Gemini – Comes Off As Witty And Friendly 

Gemini, others immediately see you as witty and friendly. You will have clever things to say, and you also have that charm. However, once others know you better, they will see how changeable your moods are and show that you struggle to make up your mind.  

However, your funny and friendly side does stay with you. If you happen to have Gemini as your rising sign, you will come off as chatty and witty, but once again, your zodiac sign will also have an impact, especially if it is not a fire or air sign.  

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For example, if your sun sign is intense and mysterious Scorpio, but your rising sign is Gemini, you will come off as witty, but you will ask people questions about themselves more than you are willing to share anything about who you are.  

Cancer – It Depends On The Mood 

Cancer, others see you as highly moody. You will be cheerful if you are in a good mood, or you will be silent and give off the energy that you do not want anyone bothering you if you are not. However, once someone gets to know you, they will see you as the caring and nurturing individual that you are. 

You are all about emotions, so your moodiness will always show up one way or another. And if your rising sign is Cancer, you will also come off as moody or oversensitive, but if you have a fire or air sun sign, you may get over the moodiness quicker.  

Leo – Comes Off As Confident 

Leo, your first impression is that you are confident as you know yourself well, you are comfortable in your skin, and others see that. And yes, others will see you as the one who enjoys the spotlight, but once they get to know you, they will see your warm and generous side.  

You are also highly expressive. If your rising sign is Leo, you will come off as expressive, even more so if you have a fire or air sun sign. However, suppose you happen to have a water or earth sun sign. In that case, you will come off expressive and may even be the one to enjoy telling others what to do confidently, especially if your sun sign is in Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, or Capricorn.  

Virgo – Comes Off As Clean And Reliable 

Virgo, you come off as someone reliable and clean. You always have a neat appearance and give the impression that you not only mean what you say but follow through on your word. Once others know you, they will see that you are analytical and picky about many things. They can see that you have incredibly high standards.  

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If your rising sign is Virgo, you will also come off as clean and dependable. Having a fire or air sign will make you charismatic because you appear clean and trustworthy and are more happy-go-lucky and expressive than someone with an earth or water sun sign.  

Libra – Comes Off As Relatable 

Libra, you know you have this charm since relationships and balance are essential to you. That is why you come off as someone who is not only easy to connect with but also relatable. Even if you have a day where you are off-kilter, you can connect with others because when you have those…

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