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Bobby one way, Kennedys for Biden

The Kennedy clan came out to support President Biden with a video


One of them said something about Biden reminding them of their father, Sen. Robert Kennedy who was assassinated in 1968.   


Another one brought up “reproductive rights,” the other spoke about women making their own health decisions and yet another warned of the dictatorship around the corner if Trump returns to the White House. 


Anything new?  Not really.  This election will be about abortion and dictatorships.


Up in Michigan, their brother Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is on another ballot and they are worried in the White House.   



Robert F. Kennedy’s campaign announced Thursday that the independent presidential candidate will appear on the ballot in Michigan – which could have masssive repercussions for President Joe Biden’s reelection prospects.


In the most recent poll in the state, Biden has fallen behind former President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee. 


Kennedy and his running mate, Nicole Shanahan, were able to skip the arduous process of gathering signatures to appear on the ballot, as they were chosen to represent the little-known Natural Law Party in the fall instead. 


The Natural Law Party already has a spot secured on Michigan’s general election ballot – one of five minor parties that are represented. 

The Biden team has reasons to be worried.   On a national basis, Kennedy is at 8% and I’m guessing most of that is coming from Biden.  In other words, he will force the Biden campaign to fight for votes in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.


To be fair, we don’t know if Kennedy turns into Ross Perot who arguably kept George H.W. Bush from winning reelection or Ralph Nader who impacted the very close race in Florida in 2000.  My guess is that Kennedy will end up in the teens and deny Biden his reelection.



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