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Yes, Biden’s campaign overflows with cash, but Trump is getting the ‘good’ money

While Trump was attending Officer Jonathan Diller’s funeral, Joe Biden was at a ritzy fundraiser where people paid up to $500,000 for a seat, and Biden’s campaign raked in $26 million. That’s a huge haul for a single fundraiser. Indeed, Biden has a great deal more money than Trump, who’s also been seeing his money sucked away by the Democrats’ despotic lawfare. But sometimes things aren’t what they seem. The reality is that almost half of Biden’s money comes from a small group of elite leftist donors, while Trump is getting most of his money from huge numbers of voters.

Fox Business analyzed FEC records to see where the money is coming from for the two candidates’ presidential campaigns. (Hat tip: Matt Margolis.)  

The analysis shows that there’s a big difference in the source of Biden’s 2024 campaign money compared to his 2020 haul. In 2020, he received 49% of his money from small donors (defined as people contributing less than $2,000) and 25% from big donors (that is, people contributing more than $2,000). This year, only 38% of his money comes from small donors, while 35% of his money comes from big donors.

Meanwhile, Trump has significantly increased the contributions he gets from small donors. In 2020, 52% of the money for his campaign came from small donors, while 19% came from big donors. By 2024, that ratio shifted: 61% of Trump’s donations come from small donors, while big donors dropped to only 9%.

Image by AI.

Nothing more clearly shows that the Democrat party is the elitist, oligarchic party, while Trump is the chosen candidate for America’s normal individuals and families. In addition, nothing more clearly shows where voter enthusiasm lies.

Corporations can fill your coffers, but a corporation does not cast a vote; its line workers do. Likewise, someone like Bill Gates can write a big check, but he’s only one vote. All those ordinary people who dug into their pockets (digging a lot deeper than the Bill Gates of the world do) are also the people who will go to their polling places and cast a vote. That’s why I say that Trump got the good money because he got the money with the actual voters standing behind it.

And speaking of money, I wrote the other day that the outpouring of anger and grief for Officer Jonathan Diller might be seen as something of a tipping point in this political year. The fact that someone with 21 arrests for serious crimes was armed and on the streets and then shot a police officer to death exemplifies everything wrong with Democrat politics. It may not be the straw that broke the Democrat donkey’s back, but it’s certainly weighing heavily on that donkey.

In that regard, it’s significant that a fundraiser set up for Stephanie Diller, Jonathan’s widow, raised over $900,000 over a few days, significantly exceeding its $750,000 goal. Of the almost 12,000 donors, many were big donors (including Bill Ackman, Brian Kilmeade, and the San Francisco Police Officers Association). However, as with Trump, most of the money came from ordinary people tossing whatever they could into the pot.

“Follow the money” is a good dictum. Normally, we have a habit of following only the big money. Sometimes, however, the most useful information comes from the small.

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