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Donald Trump Is Really Struggling to Pronounce ‘Evangelical’

Donald Trump continues hitting the campaign trail and on Thursday night he gave a speech to the National Religious Broadcasters in Nashville. It was a late night speech and Trump is older than the average presidential candidate, so his speech wandered quite a bit and he had some trouble pronouncing some words. Nowhere did he struggle more than when attempting to say “evangelical” or “evangelist.”

Here’s the relevant clip from his speech:

You know, I’m going to give Trump some credit here, that is a bit of a tough word. Especially if you have no idea what it means and are having to fake being a devoutly religious man on the campaign trail. He’s also a 77-year-old man who has been flying all over the country between rallies and court appearances. That’d be exhausting for anyone.

This is where we’re at folks. We got two super old guys running for president. We’re just going to have to accept this kind of stuff. This is what we, as a collective people, have chosen.

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