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Do the Characters Embody Their Astrological Signs?

FRIENDS fans know that birthdays aren’t the most consistent element in the series!

Phoebe celebrates her birthday in February 1995, and for Halloween 2002, Ross claims to be born in both October and December.

As the seasons progress, the dates become clearer, revealing the astrological signs of the characters. So, do the Friends embody their astrological signs?


Joey Tribbiani: January the 9th?

On some fan websites, it’s mentioned that Joey could be born between May and October, but his birthdate is uncertain. In one episode, Joey celebrates his birthday on January 9, 1997, officially making him a Capricorn.

Joey doesn’t quite embody the organization, caution, and introversion of a Capricorn. He’s more expressive and outgoing. However, Joey possesses the ambition and empathy of a Capricorn; he can also be serious and thoughtful (yes, really!). He never forgot his dream of becoming an actor and is there for his family and friends.


Phoebe Buffay: February the 16th

In Season 3, Phoebe meets her brother Frank Jr. and shares her birthdate: February the 16th, making her an unmistakable Aquarius!

Phoebe completely embodies the Aquarius traits. She’s independent (having faced several hardships in her life and moved forward on her own), eccentric, forward-thinking, and dreamy, and most importantly, she understands others, be it her friends or passing acquaintances.


Monica Geller: Late March-Early April

Although her birthdate isn’t precise, Monica Geller’s astrological sign can be determined: she’s an Aries!

Monica is a true Aries. She’s competitive, calculating, strives to be the best (and succeeds), and isn’t afraid to challenge causes close to her heart. But Monica is also meticulous, precise, organized, sensitive, and perfectionistic, like a Virgo.


Chandler Bing: Mid-April

We don’t know Chandler’s exact birthdate, only that he was born a few days before Rachel in April. So, he could be an Aries or Taurus.

Unfortunately, Chandler doesn’t seem to have the personality of an Aries or Taurus. He’s gentle (not as fiery as an Aries) and he’s simple (not materialistic like a Taurus). One might think of him as a Gemini, given his humor, sociability, and kindness.


Rachel Green: May the 5th

No doubt about this date because Rachel celebrates her birthday several times, and it’s always on May the 5th! She’s undoubtedly a Taurus.

It’s undeniable that Rachel is quite materialistic. She can be stubborn to achieve her goals, she is sensual, and has style (she even works in fashion). Initially, Rachel embodies only a part of Taurus, and as the seasons progress, she grows. She’s intelligent, knows what she wants, seeks honesty in her relationships, and stability in her life, just like the Taurus she is.


Ross Geller: October the 18th

Ross’s birthdate was uncertain until Season 9, when he gave a precise date: October 18, 1967, making him a Libra.

Ross is a perfect Libra, as he knows how to navigate life with and without others. Over the years, he gains confidence through professional success and friendships, distancing himself from his parents’ money to create his routine. He pursues love relentlessly, until he understands how much he needs Rachel.

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