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Not Another Free Cellphone Until Every Veteran Has A Home

It has been challenging to watch the U.S. Government fawn over the millions of illegal immigrants who have forged the dangerous currents of the Rio Grande to break through our backdoor. A swag bag is waiting for each with a cell phone, debit cards, and a trip anywhere they want to go in the lower 48. Did I mention these people are illegal? I thought so. These people have been placing a tremendous financial burden on Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and even Florida. To prove a point and bring their plight to the mainstream media, that had been ignoring the Border problem, the Governors of Florida and Texas started busing illegals to Sanctuary Cities around the country. Washington D.C., New York, and Chicago received most of the transplanted illegals. These people are from around the globe, and these major metropolitan regions can no longer afford the cost of handling these aliens. These people have taken over major hotels, sleeping on sidewalks or in temporary shelters. The liberal Mayors are now begging Washington for a handout to balance the cost to their taxpayers. Sanctuary cities seemed like a good idea until reality set in. Mayor Adams of New York City is getting daily media coverage pleading for aid from Biden.

St Louis must feel slighted as they did not have any buses stopping by the Arch with global, “illegal” tourists, so they are looking to Chicago to have some brought in. They are looking for hundreds with work permits that can help relieve a worker shortage in Mound City. They offer free temporary housing, training, and an opportunity for a long-term stay in the Gateway to the West, and, almost forgot, another free cell phone. What is with free cell phones? Is that why these illegals walked thousands of miles to get to America? These people should have been sent back to their country of origin. Instead, they get free housing and a job. Welcome to America. Let’s look at another group of people who are not getting such a sweetheart deal, though they deserve one.

There are nearly 68,000 homeless veterans in America, and over one million living in poverty. These men and women volunteered to enter the military, fulfilled their obligations, and were kicked to the curb. The U.S. Government feels no responsibility to help these vets get on their feet and enjoy the fruits of the country they swore to protect. In addition to these downtrodden groups, we lose 44 veterans per day to suicide. That is more than 16,000 per year who see death as a better fate than living as a veteran in America. This situation is a national travesty and embarrassment and gets little attention.

Before another dime is spent on a free cell phone for an illegal alien, we should invest in our forgotten veterans. There should be no veteran sleeping on a sidewalk or under a bridge. There should be mental health services available to keep these thousands of desperate men and women alive and valuable. These people should be trained for any job a liberal city wants to give to an illegal. These people wore the uniform of this country and took an oath to die for her if necessary. These folks deserve a second chance, not those whose most significant accomplishment was wading across the Rio Grande.

Content syndicated from ConservatriveViewFromNH.com with permission

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